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  • Depression is a treatable condition.

    Depression is a treatable condition.

    Depression can be emotionally debilitating. Sleep disturbance, eating too much or lack of appetite, difficulty getting motivated doing daily tasks and being overwhelmed or feelings of sadness. Psychotherapy can help with Depression. Talk Therapy is a supportive treatment approach that can help validate your feelings and assist with making changes. It is a form of psychotherapy
  • your self-destructive behavior

    your self-destructive behavior

    Self-destructive behavior can take many forms and vary in severity. Examples include neglecting our bodies by not sleeping or eating enough, as well as more serious problems such as excessive drinking, taking drugs and self-harm (such as cutting or burning yourself). Self-harm or injury is not something people like to talk about, but it is
  • Women Who Make a Difference in Their Community

    Women Who Make a Difference in Their Community

    Every woman has an ability to make a difference in their environment. We are role models to our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces and our friends. So you’re wondering “what can I contribute to our community”? Susan, a stay at home mom, who has 3 children that are school age was trying explore how she can

  • Accepting the Unacceptable

    Accepting the Unacceptable

    There are times in life when we are required to accept the unacceptable. We tend to battle what we view as unacceptable with a sense of resistance. It comes from the ongoing conflict of what we desire and what is the reality. We often resist what is happening and believe that there is no solution.