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  • Women’s History Month

    Join Dr. Pallotta at “Women’s History Month”, Tuesday 29th March. Discussions will be on the woman of today and touching on the different emotional and physical aspects at various stages of a woman’s life.  This will include reproductive health, menopause, emotional wellness, and beyond. Click image to view larger file:

  • What to do when you forget that you’ve ever felt well

    An odd phenomenon happens when I get depressed. I forget I was ever well. I forget I’ll come out the other side (I always do). I forget there even is another side. Because depression feels permanent. This is the ‘amnesia of depression’. Its onset is quick, cunning and painful. Time is distorted, colours are disturbed,

  • Dealing with regret

    Regrets are painful. And as time passes, they accumulate and pile up into an ugly mess that’s hard to get rid of. It seems like no matter what you do, there are always regrets just prodding at you. How then, do we get deal with them and start living positively? You act only based on