Facilitated by Tziporah Eisenstein, LMSW

Weekly, Sundays (time tbc)
Via a secure, Live Video Platform.

This group is for those struggling with their relationship with food; struggling with emotional eating, restriction, and compensory behaviors around eating.

Mutual support in healing relationship with food
Improved mindfulness around eating
Increased intuition around food and body image

We will call you for a brief introductory call, to confirm the group is right for you. Please complete the for below to register for the FREE Online Support Group.


Tziporah Eisenstein, LMSW.

I applaud you for seeking psychotherapy; I know it isn’t always a simple decision to make.  I’m a therapist because I’m fascinated by human resilience, our ability to find the ground when weathering a storm. Area of Expertise: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Eating Disorders, and Self-harm.

Therapy sessions are an open, honest, and safe space for you to explore and reveal the best version of yourself. I treat clients with dignity, empathy, and good humor. I believe you know yourself best; thus, we work together to figure out your goals and use evidence-based methods to work towards achieving them.  The modalities I apply are Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, DBT, and Psychodynamic psychotherapy.  Overall, I have a holistic and trauma-informed outlook throughout my practice.  It would be my privilege to work together with you to improve the quality of your life.  Certified in New York; my degree is from Long Island University.