We are Licensed by the State of New York Office of Mental Health.

Since 1983, the Neighborhood Counseling Center (NCC) has provided comprehensive mental health services to Brooklyn and surrounding communities, NCC is staffed by a team of social workers and psychiatrists committed to our purpose, and who have demonstrated professional competence and ability in their field. Led by Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta, our staff are experienced in working with a diverse number of emotional issues and provide individual therapy for women and men, art and play therapy for children, as well as family therapy.

Location + Contact


7701 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228
t: (718) 232 1351
f: (718) 837 5676


NCC Annex

7706 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228
t: (718) 745 1707
f: (718) 748 0592


By Appointment Only:
Monday – Friday:  9am – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Patient Information

  • Adult Programs

    We are available to offer short-term treatment to clients who are in crisis, as well as those with chronic, long-term issues. Our treatment programs cover but are not limited to the following areas:

    • Anxiety and Stress-Related Problems
    • Depression
    • Adjustment disorders related to loss, divorce, medical illness and other life transitions
    • Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for victims of sexual trauma, violence, abuse and other traumas.
    • Support services for seniors

    Individual Therapy
    Our individual therapy is tailored to your needs and a therapist will help you address your specific issues.

    Couples Therapy
    Working with couples, our staff will help you understand the dynamics of your relationship, and find ways to manage the issues that are causing conflict.

    Family Therapy
    Our staff can work with family members to better understand family dynamics and focus on any specific issues causing conflict and/or stress.

    Support Groups
    Our groups for seniors, victims of trauma, and emotional eating, and the chronically mentally ill are a chance to talk with others going through similar experiences in a therapeutic, supportive environment.

  • Children + Adolescents

    Children, Adolescents & Young Adults

    Children face many learning challenges that often manifest in the educational environment. Attention deficit disorder, behavioral problems, adjustment disorders and issues related to problems at home can interfere with the learning process and cause children a great deal of stress.

    At our center, many of our staff specialize in treating children and adolescents. BCS therapists work with students utilizing play therapy and verbal techniques, and will usually involve family and educational professionals to insure a thorough understanding of the child’s needs.

    Our educational program at a local college focuses on stress management and short term support groups.

    Other Services

    We also offer psychopharmacology services in conjunction with therapy.

    We have a strong network of affiliations and referral arrangements to address the widest range of individual and family needs.

    Referrals for Psychological and Neuropsychological testing are available.

    We offer day, evening and Saturday hours, as well as a 24-hour answering service for emergency assistance for agency clients.

  • Directions

    By Car

    From Staten Island: Take the Verrazano Bridge, merge onto I-278 East. Take exit 18 for Fort Hamilton Parkway. Turn right onto Fort Hamilton Pkwy. Turn right onto Bay Ridge Pkwy. Turn right onto 13th Avenue.

    From the Belt Parkway: Take exit 4 toward 14 Ave/Bay 8 St. Merge onto Shore Pkwy and Continue onto Bay 8th St. Turn left onto Cropsey Ave. Take the 2nd right onto 14th Ave. Turn left onto 86th St. Take the 1st right onto 13th Ave.

    From the Gowanus Expressway (Manhattan or Queens): Take exit 20 toward 6 Ave. Merge onto Gowanus Expy. Take Slight right onto Erik Pl. Continue onto 7th Ave. Turn left onto Bay Ridge Pkwy. Turn right onto 13th Avenue.
    By Bus

    From Bay Ridge – Via 13th Avenue – B64 (exit at 13th Ave. & 77th St.)
    From: Bensonhurst – Via 86th Street – B1 (exit bus at 86th St. & 13th Ave.)
    From Staten Island – S53, S59 & S74 to B1 Via 86th Street (exit bus at 86th St. & 13th Ave.)

    By Train

    D to 79th Street & New Utrecht
    (walk – down 79th Street, turn right onto 13th Avenue & proceed to building # 7701)

  • Forms

    Please download the registration form and fill it out prior to coming in for your initial visit..

    Click to view or download:

     NCCNY Intake Form

  • Insurance + Co-Pay

    Most services are covered by insurance programs, as well as by Medicare & Medicaid. Call us for information on specific coverage.  For those without insurance, a self-pay fee is applied.

    Accessing Benefits:

    To access benefits, you will need to give us your insurance policy information. There are several things that we need to know:

    • Does your policy require pre-authorization?
    • What is the co-payment?
    • Is there a limit to the number of sessions covered?
    • Is there a deductible?
    • Depending on your policy, our billing staff may need to contact your insurance company to advise about your benefits.

  • NCC staff

    Our dedicated team

    Our staff of social workers and psychiatrists are trained professional therapists who are licensed by New York State. They are experienced in working with a diverse number of emotional issues, and can provide individual therapy for women and men, art and play therapy for children, as well as family therapy.


    Moataz El Refaie MD
    Doug Luce MD
    Maurice Masse MD
    Renata Slowik, MD


    Joseph Bailey LCSW
    Vernon Bauer LMSW
    Mark Bernstein LCSW
    Jana Brass LMSW
    Peter Boutros LMHC, CASC
    Erika Calderon LMSW
    Jenni Carosone Cielselski LMSW
    Verolene Chapman LMSW
    Kellen Contreras LMSW
    Yana Elbert LMHC
    Shella Eliacin LCSW
    Adaljira Gamez LMSW
    Julia Gertopsky LMHC
    David Herbert LMSW
    Jennifer Izzo MHC
    Kathy Klein LCSW
    Marianthi Kougentakis LMSW
    Eitan Levin LMHC
    Judy Levine-Jacoby LMSW
    Gabrielle Lind LMSW
    Michael Maffai LMSW
    Cynthia Malek LMFT
    Beth Manitsky LMSW
    Rachel Manes LMSW
    Stephen Marcus LMSW
    Danielle Miller LMSW
    Sara Monsonis LMSW
    Hana Moustapha MHC
    Stephanie O’Keefe LCSW
    Michelle Pyrka MHC
    Lauren Ricciardi LCSW
    Kaitlyn Romeo LMFT
    Kimberly Rosario pMHC
    Tyra Smith LMSW
    Lisa Taubenblat LMSW
    Nama Taub LCSW
    Chantell Watson LMSW
    Jennifer Weitzman LMSW
    Maria Vais LMSW
    Lee Van Eerde LMSW
    Kimberly Wizior MHC
    Christina Zug LCSW


    Administrative Team

    Dennis Scimone Director & Chief Compliance Officer
    Rob Suher Ph.D, Clinical Director
    Carol Cusumano Practice Manager
    Lorraine Galbo Director of Administrative Services
    Rita Trapani Assistant to Director of Administrative Services
    Nicole Montesani CFO
    Rose Lucarelli Director of Patient Relations
    Eileen Cioffi Director of Billing
    Claire Nardulli Intake Coordinator
    Amy Walker Assistant to CEO
    Mary Ann DeMartino Operations Assistant to CEO

  • Privacy + Confidentiality

    The Neighborhood Counseling Center strictly adheres to all Federal, State and Local laws pertaining to patient confidentiality.  The privacy rights of our patients are of major importance to our agency.  All agency employees are thoroughly informed and trained in the area of patient confidentiality.

    All individuals who receive service form NCC immediately receive a privacy notice outlining the rights of patients and the agency’s practices with respect to all areas involving protected health information and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that became effective on April 14, 2003.

    Providing agency consumers with information about the agency’s practices in the areas of confidentiality and protected health information is considered a priority.  It is the agency’s perspective that it is essential that the individual who receives such services must be appropriately informed about these important issues.