Children and Adolescents Therapy

Confidential counseling and therapy services for families, couples, and individuals who are coping with life’s challenges, including resolving marital and couple difficulties; easing relationship or communication struggles; helping a troubled child, teenager, or family; moving beyond family violence or substance abuse; or dealing with emotional distress such as anxiety or depression.

In a safe and confidential environment, our clients are able to heal from life’s traumas and struggles, and discover what has been missing for them. They improve their relationships, find more meaning and fulfillment from their lives and careers, and take ownership over the direction they wish to go. Couples and family members are able to feel heard and seen by one another, to create a new vision for their lives together, and rebuild the trust and connection they have lost.

Restore the strength and vitality to relationships, and show them how to create a conscious partnership focused on valuing one other’s experience.