Shades of Anxiety


There are different shades or levels of Anxiety that we as women, suffer from. Why are so many of us struggling with it?

Anxiety is a normal emotion, we experience it in our daily lives and often in new situations. When does it become a problem? when it grows out of proportion and becomes debilitating or interferes with your daily life activities?

Anxiety can be manifest differently for each individual.

Generalized Anxiety disorder (GAD) is when anxiety is present constantly and is there is no relief. It interferes with daily function and makes it difficult to get a good night sleep. Anxiety can also manifest through physical symptoms such as: headaches, nausea, diarrhea, increase heart rate, hyperventilating and sweaty palms. Anxiety can be so debilitating that it can interfere with work and your relationships.

GAD effects women twice as often men. Treating GAD through psychotherapies, either talk-therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy along with physical exercise can elevate symptoms. Simple changes in your life style can help; yoga, meditation, avoiding caffeine, daily exercise, these all are proven to have a calming effect on ones Anxiety. Herbal remedies may also work to relieve anxiety for some people, Kava, Valerian root, St John wart, but before using them speak to your doctor.

Women who experience anxiety may have other psychological issues. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Social Phobia, Panic attacks, Stress or Depression.

It is not healthy to let these symptoms continue indefinitely. Schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and experienced Therapists. We are here to help you.