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    Signs of Child abuse

    Signs of Child abuse

    It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to protect a child.

    April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. As a community it’s our responsibility to pay attention to signs of abuse in children.

    What are some signs of Child Abuse?

    Physical signs:

    • A child’s whose hair, body, or clothing is dirty
    • A child whose clothing is too hot or too cold for the season
    • A child who is not being watched properly
    • A child who is ill or hurt but not being seen by a doctor
    • A child with bruises, burns, cuts, soreness or itching in the genital are

    Behavioral signs:

    • A child who is afraid to go home
    • A child who does not think well of himself/herself, avoids people or is very sad
    • A child who misuses drugs or alcohol
    • A child that has an eating disorder
    • A child that hurts himself/herself
    • A child whose mood or behavior changes without good reason
    • A child who acts in a sexual manner that is unusual for a child’s age
    • A child who often misses school without good reason

    If you think a child is being abused, you can call 311 and your report will be confidential.

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