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    Women and Low Self-Esteem; How it Affects Their Relationship

    Women and Low Self-Esteem; How it Affects Their Relationship

    If you don’t feel your worth; how can your partner feel it?

    We often go into a relationship feeling, if someone loves me and wants me that must mean that I worth being loved. The problem with this thinking is that your life depends on what your partner thinks about you.

    The common pitfalls that women experience are:

    No sense of worth – when women are so dependent on their partner’s opinion, it takes away from their ability to have a sense of self-worth.

    Independent thinking – it is very difficult to trust your opinion when you only value what your partner thinks.

    If the relationship ends – your value is so attached to what your partner believes that the thought of this relationship ending, creates so much anxiety and sadness that you will do anything to prevent the break up.

    The relationship becomes symbiotic – the bond between the two of you has no independent thinking; therefore you begin you lose the ability to have an opinion.

    Criticism takes on a life of its own – if your partner were to criticize what you are wearing or your new hair, you begin to feel that you are not loveable and focus on making them happy.

    Constantly strive for approval – striving for your partners approval on your day to day life events or daily tasks keeps you from acting independent.

    Constantly testing the relationship – your preoccupation whether you are worth your partners love is a constant thought for you.

    Valuing your partner’s thoughts more than you own – even if you don’t agree, your independent thinking gets diminished.

    Everything becomes your fault – it’s difficult to blame your partner since you feel they can do no wrong; therefore you lose objectivity.

    You don’t feel naturally lovable – living in this kind of relationship, you can’t feel loved for who you are, you became the person that you believe your partner wants you to be.

    Constantly struggling for approval – this way of living can be really exhausting and the relationship never feels natural.

    Working on feeling better about yourself and knowing that you are valuable without your partner’s approval can benefit you and the relationship. Understanding why your self-worth takes work and understanding the root of this behavior can begin the healing process for you.

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