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    International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day

    On International Women’s Day and every day, let us thank those courageous. tireless, insightful women who paved the way for all women.

    These are the women who walked the walk and paid their dues. They opened doors so that more women could walk through them with ease. These are the women who fought bias and inequality and had a mission. They refused to relent. These are women who needed to be smarter and braver and better, often earning less than their male counterparts. These are our grandmothers, mothers, daughters wives, aunts, sisters, cousins and friends.

    Today we stand stronger because of them. Today is for girls, young women and women of all ages; whether at the beginning of their careers, new moms, those who have toiled for years and those who look at the horizon. Today is for aspirations, dreams, and hopes. This is for barriers pushed aside, unlimited opportunity and mutual respect. Today is for hard working women who stand up, stand strong and would not back down.

    We salute women who stay home and raise their families, women who seek to break glass ceilings and those who do both. We salute the women who are at our side when we just need someone to tell us that everything would be okay, even when we aren’t so sure. We salute women who are told that they are just too old to still have dreams, too young to understand and those who are told they are just not good enough. We salute women who wipe tears and shed so many in silence. We salute women who lost so much and those who never had anything to lose. We salute woman who toil in obscurity to make miracles happen without appreciation or acknowledgement. We salute women who stay up all night with crying babies and those who stay up all night holding the hands of parents who were about to meet G-d. We salute women who taught us that we were special spirits when we questioned ourselves. We salute women who feel pride and joy in our accomplishments and who never forget a birthday or a milestones. We salute those women who make every day of our lives a wonderful milestone. We salute women who walk in high heels and those who are barefoot. We salute women we see every day and those who fight for freedom thousands of miles away. We salute the women who push carriages and those who push themselves to face each new day. We salute women who cry with joy and cry with worry and cry for losses that no one could ever begin to imagine. We salute the women with wrinkled hands, those who wear wedding dresses and those in hospital gowns. We salute those who march across the globe today in unison, those who sit at their desks so they can help others and those who watch from the sidelines.

    We salute the men; the grandfathers, fathers, dads, and sons, nephews and friends who encourage and understand. And we look to the past with pride, to the present with ideals and to an extraordinary future.

    Article by: Kelly Steier

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