Anger Management

Facilitated by Jeanette Fertoli, LMSW

A weekly, online group, Via a secure, Live Video Platform.
Wednesdays at 5pm. (A group suitability screening call will need to be completed prior to joining the group.)

The purpose of this weekly group is to learn healthy, appropriate ways to effectively manage our anger without the negative consequences (violence, self-harm, substance misuse, strained relationships).

The group utilizes a 12 Week curriculum from SAMHSA which incorporates mindfulness strategies, relaxation strategies and cognitive behavioral therapy to develop tools to recognize our cues (warnings that we’re angry) and manage our feelings and behaviors in a positive way.


  • Prior to group, all members will be briefly screened telephonically to determine their appropriateness for the group.
  • Members must be 18+ (all genders welcome).
  • Group members will be expected to treat one another with respect. Derogatory language against religion, gender, sexual orientation, race etc. or threat of violence will not be tolerated.
  • Confidentiality is required among all members of the group.

If you are being required to complete an anger management course as per court, you will be expected to complete at least 9 out of the 12 sessions due to the amount of work discussed during the group.


Jeanette Fertoli, LMSW

Entering therapy can be scary but I will provide a supportive and safe environment to help you reach your goals. My clinical experience has been helping those make healthier and positive life choices and helping those with addictions, trauma, grief and loss.

My belief is that we can reach our highest potential through collaborative work while identifying barriers. My clinical training includes Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy