LGBTQIA+ Adolescents

Facilitated by Amy Hickey-Smith, LMSW

A weekly, online group, Via a secure, Live Video Platform.
Tuesdays from 7:15pm – 8:00pm

This group is a positive online space open to adolescents aged 14-18 and provides opportunity to connect with others who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Group members will have the opportunity to learn about LGBTQIA+ history and culture, learn to navigate healthy relationships with peers, family, school, and their communities. Groups will focus on building positive connections, coping skills, and hope for the future.

As always, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions or need anything else.

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Week 1:
Introductions to group and group members.
● Group members will establish group rules
● Complete icebreaker activity

Session 2:
Building Peer Connections & Introduction to Coping Skills
● Group members will complete an activity to explore selves and connect with peers
● Coping skills are introduced

Session 3:
LGBTQ+ history and culture
● Opportunity to learn about other LGBTQIA+ people in history, pop culture, and learn about history of equality movement

Session 4:
Learning new coping skills
● Healthy coping skills
● How to handle stress

Session 5:
Healthy relationships
● What makes a healthy relationship?
● What are “red flags” or warning signs to watch for in an unhealthy relationship?
● Where to go for help

Session 6:
Learning new coping skills part 2
● Continue to build on healthy and effective coping skills
● Group reports on use of healthy coping skills

Session 7:
Hope as a coping skill- It gets better!
● What is “hope” and how can it help?
● Free writing activity- letter from future selves.
● “You have to give them hope. Hope for a better world, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better place to come to if the pressures at home are too great. Hope that all will be all right.” -Harvey Milk

Session 8:
Navigating peer and family relationships
● Coming out to family, peers, school
● Safety around coming out

Amy Hickey-Smith LMSW

March to the beat of your own drummer. Believe your uniqueness is a power. Be your best self/selves. Those are my hopes for every individual, couple, and family I work with. I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to therapy and understand successful therapeutic relationships are collaborative.

Almost 30 years ago, I fell in love with activism, advocating for social justice issues, and helping people. Since, I have developed a therapeutic style that is actively antiracist,LGBTQ+ affirming, non-judgmental, and rooted in feminist and systems theories. I value cultural humility, cultural responsiveness, and believe each person, couple, and every family have strengths that we can build on together to achieve their goals. My areas of specialization include the LBGTQ+ community.