New Parent Support Group

As partners balance the new roles and responsibilities of parenthood, it’s understandable that a newborn’s needs can disrupt their normal, daily routine, along with their ability to manage the added stress and anxiety of caring for a new life. 67% of couples experience a precipitous decline in relationship satisfaction in the first three years of the baby’s life.

This group is now closed.

Dina Stella, LMSW

I am a licensed social worker and psychotherapist trained in trauma systems and cognitive behavioral therapy. I have experience working with diverse populations and am empathetic and understanding of the challenges and pressures of being a student, with limited support.

My goal is to support clients during life transitions and work to increase self awareness, develop healthy behaviors and increase emotional well-being. It is important to me that every person is seen and understood; aware that each individual responds differently based on their life experiences.

My areas of expertise include: Anxiety, Depression and Trauma.