Preventing Therapist Burnout

Facilitated by Gabriella Carbone, LMSW

A weekly, online group, Via a secure, Live Video Platform.
Thursdays at 7pm.

Preventing Therapist Burnout is a support group for telehealth therapists in the first 3 years of their therapy practice.

This group provides an opportunity for often isolated therapists to have peer support. In this group, we will discuss the many ways providing therapy affects therapists. For example, this includes the impact of countertransference, compassion fatigue, working remotely, and vicarious trauma.

Group sessions will include strategizing solutions and sharing resources, experiences, concerns, and suggestions on the personal side of a clinician’s practice.


Gabriella Carbone, LMSW

In order to build a strong foundation in any therapeutic relationship, I engage with a nonjudgmental attitude that empowers clients to bring their authentic selves to the conversation. When a client feels emotionally safe, they can better navigate the challenges that arise in their lives.

Since clients are the experts on their experiences, I believe in collaborating with them to provide support and emotional safety as they engage with their thoughts, fears, and dreams. Using a combination of CBT and motivational interviewing, I support my clients in understanding and overcoming obstacles in order to create the life they want. I specialize in major life transitions such as job changes, new school year adjustments, relocations, and family dynamic changes.

Change is beautiful but it often presents many challenges and calls for us to adapt. I provide therapy that offers a relationship in which to process changes that come with the beauty of being alive.