Support and Empowerment for Domestic Violence Survivors

Facilitated by Katherine Ripley, LMSW.
Via a secure, Live Video Platform.
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Domestic Violence is an isolating experience. This group aims to break the isolation by providing space for survivors to form supportive relationships with each other and validate each other’s experiences.

We will call you for a brief introductory call, to confirm the group is right for you.

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Katherine Ripley, LMSW.

I use a strength-based approach to therapy. This means identifying what my clients are already doing well, and guiding them to use those strengths to surmount any obstacles standing in the way of them living their best life.

The expertise that I bring to the table is only one small piece of the puzzle. You have the power to overcome, to persevere and to grow. And I would be honored and humbled to bear witness to and support you on that journey. I earned my masters degree in social work from New York University, and I have been practicing therapy with my LMSW for one year. I have experience working with women and children who have survived domestic violence, as well as men who have used violence against their partners.