Women’s Empowerment

Facilitated by Heather Baker, LMSW

A weekly, online group, Via a secure, Live Video Platform.
Thursdays at 12:15pm & 1pm

This group is a space where we will be free of the demands that life places upon us. It will be a space where women can gather to share ideas, hopes, and challenges in a judgment free environment.

We are experiencing a particularly challenging time for women. Whether in a relationship or single, women are engaged in a balancing act between work, family, friends, commitments to their community, health and wellness, and trying to find a few minutes to themselves for self-care. As if the balancing act were not hard enough, woman also find that they need to try to keep up with others, especially those who seem to have it all together on social media.

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Heather Baker, LMSW

I believe in creating a safe environment for all of the people I serve. You and I will become a team, working together to help you achieve your mental health goals. We will work to discover the strengths you already possess and learn how to apply them to your life.
My strength is working with members of the LGBTQ+ community and those who are questioning. You will find me to be affirming, understanding, and knowledgeable of the issues impacting your community. Whether you are part of this community, or any other, our sessions will be supportive and free of judgment. I completed my undergrad at Allegheny College and earned my MSW in Social Work at Nazareth College.