Benefits of Using Online Counseling

Some of the main Benefits of using Online Counseling Services

Many thousands of satisfied customers already using online counseling services, boast that that level of connection they are able to make with their therapists online make in-person therapy unnecessary.

Some of the most common benefits associated with online therapy are:

No Boundaries: With online counseling, there is no longer a need to seek out help within your city limits. You have the ability to connect with a psychologist that’s not in your area. Best of all, should you not click with your therapist, you have the option to change therapists.

Efficiency: If you’re working full-time, chances are you have very little personal time set aside. With online counseling, you can receive help 24/7, or while you are on-the-go.

Communication: Gone are the days of having to set pre-arranged appointments and then receiving therapy in person. Online counseling enables you to schedule at your convenience.

Stigmas: Oftentimes people don’t set therapy appointments due to the stigma surrounding therapy. In fact, some people who do in fact set appointments won’t show up for their session due to this unfortunate stigmatization of therapy. With online therapy, that stigma is gone.

Privacy/Confidentiality: Using online therapy provides users with complete privacy and confidentiality. For starters, therapists on the platforms are bound by strict local and federal laws, as is the case with their brick and mortar business. Your therapy sessions are protected by HIPAA. Furthermore, your chat sessions are also secured by various bank-grade encryption levels, which only you and your therapist can access.

Pricing: Online counseling services are covered by insurance companies, in the same way in-person therapy is covered.

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