Brief Therapy

Solution-focused therapy is a short term, results driven approach to therapy, that focuses on solutions rather than on history.

Brief therapy  is a weekly 50 minute sessions, for 12 weeks, via Live Video Chat.

Brief Therapy will be run by Heather Kehoe, LMSW

Brief Therapy 12 Week Outline

Step 1: Identify – Identify the issue or problem you are having
Step 2: Focus – Decide on what your goal is, create forward focus
Step 3: Evaluate – What obstacles you are faced with
Step 4: Struggle – Behavior that needs to be changed
Step 5: Clarity – Become clear on what is standing in your way
Step 6: Own-It – Understand your inner struggles, how to avoid self sabotage
Step 7: Connect – Uncover particular behaviors that will aid your success
Step 8: Goals – How do we achieve our goal
Step 9: Growth – Thinking outside of the box to help your end result
Step: 10: Support – Identify who can you depend on in your journey to success
Step 11: Change – Inform your support circle of your commitment to this issue
Step: 12 Resolve – Review 11 weeks, have you reached your goal? What are common pitfalls to help avoid regression and to continue your journey?

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The Brief Therapy Program is  a 12-week, focused-therapy program based on a style of therapy called ‘Brief Psychotherapy‘. Our therapists work pro-actively with you in order to treat clinical and subjective conditions faster. The program is problem-centered, time-limited, non-medical.

The program includes:
• Initial assessment session, to determine suitability for the program
• A custom program will be created for you from your assessment results
• 12 weekly, 50-minute, individual sessions (via Secure, Live Chat)
• Most Insurance accepted in NYS

Sessions led by Heather Kehoe, LMSW

I am a Licensed Mastered Social Worker from Syracuse, NY.

I am passionate about my work with clients, families and service providers to formulate appropriate plans of action to ensure healing and positive qualities of life. I believe in the social justice of all humans, and strive to be a strong advocate for those whose voices have been oppressed. My background has encouraged a passion to always be open-minded, culturally competent in diversity, compassionate to those who feel hopeless, and be the change I wish to see in this world.

My expertise is in trauma transformed care to assist with backgrounds of PTSD related to domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, community violence, and racism.