Brief therapy (brief counseling) is online-counseling, which means your counseling session is from the comfort and security of your own home, or wherever you are the time of your session. All you need is your phone!

Brief Therapy 12 Week Outline

Step 1: Identify – Identify the issue or problem you are having
Step 2: Focus – Decide on what your goal is, create forward focus
Step 3: Evaluate – What obstacles you are faced with
Step 4: Struggle – Behavior that needs to be changed
Step 5: Clarity – Become clear on what is standing in your way
Step 6: Own-It – Understand your inner struggles, how to avoid self sabotage
Step 7: Connect – Uncover particular behaviors that will aid your success
Step 8: Goals – How do we achieve our goal
Step 9: Growth – Thinking outside of the box to help your end result
Step: 10: Support – Identify who can you depend on in your journey to success
Step 11: Change – Inform your support circle of your commitment to this issue
Step: 12 Resolve – Review 11 weeks, have you reached your goal? What are common pitfalls to help avoid regression and to continue your journey?

The ReInvention Project’s Brief Therapy Program is  a 12-week, focused-therapy program based on a style of therapy called ‘Brief Psychotherapy‘. Our therapists work pro-actively with you in order to treat clinical and subjective conditions faster. The program is problem-centered, time-limited, non-medical.

The program includes:
• Initial assessment session, to determine suitability for the program
• A custom program will be created for you from your assessment results
• 12 weekly, 50-minute, individual sessions (via Secure, Live Chat)
• Most Insurance accepted

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How Brief Therapy Works

Brief psychotherapy is a specific type of therapy. It is focused and time-limited. It deals with particular problems or issues that you decide you want to work on. To accomplish this, you will need to be able to set aside time each week to devote to therapy, for 3 months duration.

To begin, you will work collaboratively with your therapist to set goals that you both will work toward and evaluate over the course of the therapy. You and your therapist will look for patterns developed earlier in life to see how they may be affecting your current relationships, ways of coping with problems, sense of self and self-esteem. In therapy, you will also work toward making changes and identifying existing strengths.

Your therapist will work with you to better understand how social, economic, racial, cultural, political and other factors affect your life as a woman. Together you will pay special attention to the pressures you face in different aspects of your life – as a partner, worker, mother, daughter and friend. How these roles affect your well-being and physical health will also be examined.

The goal of brief psychotherapy is to support women in understanding and resolving their own problems. Psychotherapy takes work, so you should be ready to make the necessary commitment of effort and time. Also, therapy can raise intense feelings so it is helpful to have friends or family who can provide emotional support during this time

Brief Therapy is short term, goal-oriented therapy.Targeted towards the here-and-now aspects of the problem rather than on exploration of the history, enabling a person to resolve or effectively manage a specific problem or challenge within a short time frame.

The Reinvention Project ‘Brief Therapy Program’ is the only program of its kind in New York State.

Psychotherapy takes work, so you should be ready to make the necessary commitment of effort and time.