8 Week, Online Group for Women
‘Build your Self-Esteem’


The objectives in the program:

Self-esteem affects your attitudes, your expectations, your decisions and your performance.  It also affects your career decisions.

Self-esteem enhances every facet of your life.  It enhances your work and family relationships, your performance and productivity, your mental health and happiness, your physical health and well being.

Everything is better when your self-esteem is high.  The objective of this program is to help you identity why you have low self-esteem, to set your self-esteem goals and achieve better life satisfaction with a higher and more healthy self esteem.


Our program encourages the physical, mental, social and emotional growth and success in all women.

Who is this program designed for?

If you are uncertain about yourself, experience a lack self-confidence, doubts your abilities, or thinks negatively of yourself on a regular basis, this program might be helpful for you. The group sessions focus on the causes and cures for problems such as low self-esteem and confidence, feeling of inferiority, perfectionism and procrastination. You will learn skills that enhance self-confidence, be more engaging and promote greater joy in daily life.

Overview of content in the 8 week program:

• Improve self-esteem and confidence – “Accept yourself”
• Identify and deal with personal emotional blocks and limitations
• Overcome social fear, anxiety and shyness
• Improve social/interpersonal skills
• Take control over your life and relationships
• Let go of patterns that pull you down
• Set, pursue and attain your goals
• Set healthy boundaries

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Self Esteem Group