Facilitated by: Ricksa Levy, LMSW
Commencing: March 2023
Duration: 6 weeks.
Day/Time: tbc
Group Demographic: Women, Men, 18+

Boundaries are the internal and external lines that we draw to protect ourselves and others. They help to define who we are, our values and the information in which we willing to share. Boundaries maintain and regulate our relationships with others as well as ourselves. We are constantly setting, shifting, negotiating and renegotiating our boundaries.

Group Overview:

To the unaccustomed , setting and maintaining boundaries may feel risky, however, boundaries are important for creating and maintaining healthy relationship with yourself and others. Learning how to begin to set boundaries are important way to create self love and self preservation. Healthy boundaries are situational and can be flexible, Boundaries too rigid prevents growth and creates an exchange with the sources outside of the boundary, while boundaries too porous fail to protect the person within the boundary.
This group with utilize psychoeducation to teach boundary setting and challenged the preconceived notions of boundaries. By introducing boundaries into your life, you will be able to create stronger relationship with yourself and others.

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Facilitated by:
Ricksa Levy, LMSW

I aim to assist people with reaching their health and healing goals using a variety of therapeutic techniques. With my experience working with individuals from youth into adulthood; I believe that everyone deserves to find the many perceptions of their ever evolving lives.
With therapy tools individuals can strengthen their relationships within so they can know themselves as peaceful, loving and safe.