Codependency AKA “relationship addiction”

Facilitated by: Janet Judith Leventhal LMSW
Commencing: April 2023
Day/Time: Tuesdays, 5-6pm
Duration: 12 weeksGroup Demographic: All

Codependents often form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive.  

Group Overview:

  • Learn how to recognize codependency
  • Learn how to recover from codependency
  • Learn how to thrive once you are free of codependent relationships


  1. effective communication
  2. conflict resolution
  3. managing conflict with humor
  4. maintain inner calm regardless of circumstances
  5. learn and practice Mindfulness

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It will be about a 10 minute intake call, to collect all information needed to confirm suitability for the group.
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Facilitated by:
Janet Judith Leventhal LMSW

It takes courage to enter the world of personal growth and be willing to explore your choices for a better life. Kudos for taking this step.

Within a safe and open space that is warm and welcoming, we’ll explore obstacles that stand in the way of living your best life. We’ll work on expanding your self awareness and becoming more mindful about the patterns that no longer serve you. When we free up the mind, body and spirit from the fears and lies that bind us, we are free to soar. To help facilitate a most rewarding therapeutic experience, I utilize a multi-disciplinary approach which includes: Mindfulness training, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems, all within a Recovery based modality.