Open Groups

Most Healthcare Insurance Plans accepted. Contact us for more information.


Facilitated by: Ricksa Levy LMSW

Setting and maintaining boundaries may feel risky, however, boundaries are important for creating and maintaining healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Grief Support Group

Facilitated by: Aurora Jones-Owens LMSW

Resolve loss, re-engage in old relationships and situations, and develop tools for positive possibilities moving forward.

Trauma Group

Facilitated by: Rachel Greer LMSW

Trauma group is where you come to talk about what trauma is, find your ACES score and your resilience score. You will learn about feelings and how to identify them.

Anxiety, understanding it and managing it

Facilitated by: Julia Di Giacomo LCSW

The purpose of this group is to help individuals understand the origin of their anxiety and to learn how to manage their anxiety so that it does not continue to negatively impact the quality of their life.

Understanding your Adolescent Child

Facilitated by: Elaine Hernandez-Cordova LCSW

A safe and nonjudgmental space for parents with adolescents to share their fears, struggles and knowledge as we learn the different aspects of parenting an adolescent for an increase in understanding.

Domestic Violence Survivors Group

Facilitated by: Bridget Newton LMSW

This group is meant for survivors of Domestic Abuse who are wanting knowledge, support, and camaraderie with others who are, or have, experienced similar trauma.

Anger Management

Facilitated by: Chelcy Babcock LMHC

The group will help participants identify the causes (triggers) of anger, gain more understanding of one’s cues (warning signs) of anger and develop coping strategies utilizing a support system, CBT and DBT strategies.

Self-Confidence Group

Facilitated by: Rachael Goff LMSW

To provide individuals with psychoeducation and strategies to improve mood and boost confidence. Interventions: CBT, ACT, Exposure Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques.

Mindfulness for Stress Management and Anxiety

Facilitated by: Chelcy Babcock LMHC

The goal of this group is to assist individuals in learning, developing, and practicing mindfulness skills and routines in their daily lives.

Isolation or Socialization

Facilitated by: Janet Judith Leventhal LMSW

This group highlights moments when a person can choose between focusing on self which is isolating or connecting to the wider group thru tools of socialization.

Codependency  AKA  “relationship addiction”

Facilitated by: Janet Judith Leventhal LMSW

Codependents often form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive.

Redefining Self-Worth

Facilitated by: Chelcy Babcock LMHC

The goal of this group is to assist individuals in identifying and challenging maladaptive thought patterns that contribute to low self-esteem or self-worth. Clients will explore the origins of deeply held beliefs that contribute to negative self-talk.

It will be about a 10 minute intake call, to collect all information needed to confirm suitability for the group.
Please state N/A if not providing insurance information.