Survivors of Abuse: How to move forward.

Facilitated by: Bridget Newton LMSW
Commencing: June 14th
Day/Time: Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm
Duration: 12 weeks
Group Demographic: Women only

“Survivor” is a term for an individual who has, or is being targeted for abuse.

This group is for Survivors of Domestic, Family or Relationship Abuse, physical or emotional. It is a safe, confidential space for those who are seeking knowledge, support, and camaraderie with others who are, or have, experienced similar trauma.

Group Overview:

Over the course of 12 weeks, group members will be given opportunities to learn about: the Power and Control Wheel, healthy relationships, safety plans, leaving or not – trauma bond, effects on children, self-care, and coping/grounding. This group also will serve as an emotional support network and empowerment group. Survivors may realize they are not alone and can make positive changes for themselves.

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It will be about a 10 minute intake call, to collect all information needed to confirm suitability for the group.
Please state N/A if self pay.
  • Session 1: Introduction to the Group: Purpose of group, group rules, Icebreaker, build rapport, safety (brief)
  • Session 2: DV education: What is Domestic Abuse: Power and Control Wheel versus Healthy Relationships
  • Session 3: DV education: Trauma, Trauma Bonding
  • Session 4: DV education: Children of Domestic Violence – Break the Cycle
  • Session 5: DV education: Costs versus Benefits of Leaving, Safety Plans/Exit Plans
  • Session 6: DV education: Co-Parenting
  • Session 7: DV education: Bringing DV education together, review, recap, discuss
  • Session 8: Empowerment: Self-Esteem
  • Session 9: Empowerment: Boundaries.
  • Session 10: Self Care: coping/grounding strategies
  • Session 11: Bringing It All Together: Recap, Review, Pre-emptive conversation for last session

Session 12: Termination of Group: Good-byes, support afterwards

  • During each session, the previous week’s materials will be reviewed, and questions addressed
  • Each session will allow time for supportive discussion among survivors
  • Time schedule may shift based on accomplishment of goals for each session

Facilitated by:
Bridget Newton LMSW

My connection with my client(s) is through support, understanding, and empowerment. You are the expert, and I am the facilitator. My task is to guide you as you learn and grow towards your desired goals. Our collaboration is a partnership of respect and honesty.
I recognize that trauma, in all the ways it may be experienced, has an impact on how one views the world and their place within it. This worldview affects thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Learning to understand ourselves and how we cope with life’s events is one way to move forward in a positive direction.
Additionally, we all have inherent abilities that we can harness for growth. Identifying those strengths and cultivating them is another way to reach your goals.