Trauma Group

Facilitated by: Rachel Greer, LMSW
Commencing: April 2023
Tuesday evening 7-7.45pm and Wednesday lunchtime 12.15-1pm
Duration: 8 weeks.
Group Demographic: Women + Men

Trauma group is where you come to talk about what trauma is, find your ACES score and your resilience score. You will learn about feelings and how to identify them. You will learn relaxation, grounding, mindfulness skills and activities to help manage trauma and stress.

Group Overview:

We will talk about strengths and goals. You will be able to share your own experiences and thoughts and feelings and what you are going through.

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It will be about a 10 minute intake call, to collect all information needed to confirm suitability for the group.
Please state N/A if not providing insurance information.

Facilitated by:
Rachel Greer, LMSW

My goal is to join people where they are in their journey, quickly bringing our attention to the creation of a trusting, safe and comfortable space. Then together, identifying the areas they would like to focus on. Deciding to address worries and concerns can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be faced alone.
Together we focus on finding healthy and effective strategies to identify and achieve your specific goals and create a plan that is personalized to your unique needs, a process that will lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life. I thoroughly enjoy, and I am experienced in, working with adults, teens and children.