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32 Court Street, 12 th floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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BCS Group are proud to partner with Harmony Counseling Services LCSW PLLC.
BCS Group manages and delivers the Mental Health Care programs at this location.

Comprehensive mental health care services for all

BCS Group is in partnership with Harmony Counseling, a New York State licensed practice. Bringing you comprehensive mental health care, delivering high quality individualized care in Downtown Brooklyn.

We are dedicated and committed to improving our patients’ health and well-being, while striving to continue to help potential patients with advice and tailored treatment plans.

When visiting a BCS location, you can expect to receive expert treatment for a wide array of issues, including Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Low self-esteem, Controlling rage and anger, Panic attacks, Eating disorders and body image, Relationship issues, Grief and loss, Support during life transitions, Sexual trauma, PTSD, Postpartum depression and Midlife crisis.

We provides high-quality and effective counseling services across Brooklyn. Our staff and Therapists offers each patient a unique and individualized treatment plan to create an environment of change, providing you with meaningful and lasting results.

Our goal is to create as a safe space for clients to confidentially work through issues that negatively impact their lives. BCS Group is authentic, compassionate, and non-judgmental. We cater to your unique needs while ensuring a first-rate quality of care.

YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE...Counseling can help you take control of your life, your self-esteem and your confidence. Counseling will give you the tools to respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills.

Get help with anxiety, depression, stress, career issues, self-esteem, and many other life challenges. Contact BCS Group now to begin the journey to emotional well-being.