179 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207

BCS Group are proud to partner with HealthCare Choices.
BCS Group manages and delivers the Mental Health Care programs at this location.

Hours: by appointment only
Monday – Sunday

Appointments: 718 232 8600

We provide therapy services for a broad range of emotional problems. Our therapists are familiar with the symptoms of various psychiatric illnesses and the difficulties of daily living.

Our counselors are licensed, fully qualified mental health professionals who have extensive experience. Our professionals are experts in the often complex and challenging treatment of individuals with serious mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance use disorders and specialize in working with a diverse array of emotional and psychological issues.

Their focus of therapy is to enable patients to understand their feelings, and what makes them feel positive, anxious, or depressed. The outcome of therapy is to equip patients with the ability to cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way.

We believe in providing care to the whole person; bridging the connection between body, mind and emotion towards the promotion of health and wellbeing.

Behavioral Health Services include:

  • Counseling
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychological testing
  • Substance Abuse counseling
  • Buprenorphine Treatment
  • Certified Naloxone Training and Distribution

We accept most insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare.

Fee reduction, including copay, is available for those who qualify.

One of our staff members will contact your insurance carrier prior to your appointment to ensure you are covered for the service provided.

Please contact us for questions or to schedule an appointment: