A new Group, focused on the social, emotional, and behavioral challenges of Parenthood

with Rebecca Soto MHC-LP and Bridget Gunn MHC-LP

At Brooklyn Counseling Services, we are excited to announce our new group at Bay Ridge: ‘Parenting’. The group would be a combination of skill building, and supportive therapy provided by other parents in the community. Parents would be developing new skills, but it would be a space where they could process parenting struggles away from their children with the support of other parents and the group the facilitators.

The group will be held weekly for 9 weeks
on Monday at 10.30am
Commencing on January 6, 2019

Location: BCS Bay Ridge, 9201 Fourth Avenue, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11209

In this group you will:

• Learn new skills to cope with parenting struggles
• Gain and provide support to other parents in the community
• Develop skills to help your children succeed while helping you bond
• Practice integrating self-care into weekly routines

For more information, or to register for the group call 718 232 8600 or fill in the form.


Common Questions Related to the Group:

Can my child join me in the group?

The group would be parents only.

Is this a therapy group?

This group is run by Professional Counselors and covers a range of therapeutic topics, including education, tools for self-care and stress management. In this group, you are a peer and we hope that you help other parents benefit from some of the tips and tricks that you have learned along the way as a parent.

Do I have to attend all nine weeks?

While it is strongly encouraged to attend all group sessions in order to get the full benefits of the group and curriculum, we understand things come up (especially with a baby!) and you might need to skip a week here and there. Also, if you loved the first group, we invite you to tell other new moms about us to join in on the fun!

Will my insurance cover or reimburse me for this group?

If your insurance provides group coverage, you will be covered for services. But don’t worry – our insurance verification team will find out what your coverage is for you. If you don’t have group coverage, we will offer you the opportunity to pay out-of-pocket for group participation so that you too can join in the group.