Body Mind Connection

Your body can respond physically to emotional conflicts, this is called the Body Mind Connection.  For example, you may experience high blood pressure, develop stomach disorders or begin to have more headaches, this could be your body reacting to what is going on in your emotional life.

Emotional problems can affect your immune system. Your body gets run down and you can get more colds and develop infections. When you are anxious or sad you often don’t pay attention to your health, as well as you should, such as skipping exercising and tending not to eat well. Often you abuse alcohol or smoke and do not sleep well.

Speaking to your primary doctor about you emotional state is important. Your doctor should educate you on how your emotions effect your body. The next step is putting together some ways to improve your physical symptoms. When going to your Internist to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing, it is very important for him or her to understand what you are feeling physically and what is going on in your life which might be causing your emotional triggers.

Living a balanced life and understanding some of the destructive behaviors, such as drinking, undereating or over eating, not eating right and sleeping too much or too little is not healthy and not helping you feel better.