• 31 MAY 18
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    Women Who Make a Difference in Their Community

    Women Who Make a Difference in Their Community

    Every woman has an ability to make a difference in their environment.

    We are role models to our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces and our friends. So you’re wondering “what can I contribute to our community”?

    Susan, a stay at home mom, who has 3 children that are school age was trying explore how she can contribute. She knew that she had to be home for her children and was limited on time but yet wanted to give back. One day, one of the local community programs were doing a canned food drive so she offered to volunteer. Susan couldn’t believe how fulfilling it was to give back. When she met with the person who headed the food pantry, her idea was to distribute food to home-bound seniors in the community. Just think how rewarding this was for Susan and what a great role model she was for the women in her life.

    Other ways to give back to your community:

    • Shop your farmer’s market
    • Become a volunteer
    • Mentor young professionals
    • Clean up a park
    • Shop small local stores/promote local businesses
    • Coach a youth sports team
    • Check in on elderly neighbors
    • Participate in holiday food drives
    • Offer your skills

    When you give to others not only are you helping another person but you are a teacher of an important life lesson, paying it forward is a great message.

    Nothing is to small, weather it’s helping someone in your community to cross the street because they have poor vision or offering someone who needs help getting to an appointment. As Oprah says; “When we think only about ourselves we live a half life when we give back we live a full life.”


    Article by Nicoletta Pallotta. MD. LCSW-R

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