Partnering with Higher Education facilities and Employers across New York State, we provide online therapy and wellness programs for students, faculty and employees.

Customized mental health solutions to nurture excellence, achievement, and mental wellbeing.

Programs include: Individual Counseling / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / Support Groups / Mindfulness / Meditation


Helping students develop better communication, socialization and coping skills.

Students face many academic pressures, Therapy can help improve their overall confidence and wellbeing, leading to better academic outcomes, by addressing not only their academic needs but also their emotional and psychological wellbeing.


Develop a healthier work environment for your employees and management.

Employee mental health programs are essential for promoting a healthy and supportive work environment. By prioritizing mental wellness, organizations can enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention while demonstrating their commitment to the overall wellbeing of their workforce.

We understand that each institutions needs are different, we custom build the program to suit your personnel and financial situation.

Contact us now to discuss your institutions unique mental health care needs with our CEO and Clinical lead Nicoletta Pallotta, MD, LCSW-R.