BCS Therapist led Support Groups

Our Support Groups are created and facilitated by an experienced, licensed Therapist who delivers a personalized program, building a relatable support network and a safe sounding board.

Max 10 participants per group
Groups are 60 minutes, same time weekly
Groups are 8 – 12 weeks, unless specified
All participants complete a pre-group assessment
All groups are via Live Video Chat (Zoom)
Most insurance plans accepted
It is encouraged that members attend all sessions

What to expect:

An online support group is a gathering of individuals who are experiencing common issues, to share what’s troubling them in a supported, safe space.

Learn to express yourself freely without fear of judgment or criticism.  Through this sharing of experiences, you’ll be able to offer and receive support, encouragement, and comfort.

Goals + Outcomes

Each groups is a personalized program, creating a relatable support network and a safe sounding board for each member.

  • Feel less lonely, isolated or judged.
  • Reducing distress, depression, anxiety or fatigue.
  • Talk openly and honestly about your feelings.
  • Improving skills to cope with challenges.

Contact us now, and join a conversation with people you can relate to.

It will be about a 10 minute intake call, to collect all information needed to confirm suitability for the group.
Please state N/A if not providing insurance information.