BCS believes that education is an important piece of our clients treatment. We hope to provide you with the tools and resources to assist you outside of your counseling session.

Welcome to BCS Group

Since 1996, BCS Group (formerly Brooklyn Counseling Services) has been dedicated to providing psychological and emotional care and support through all stages of a persons life. BCS Group was founded by Dr. Nicoletta Pallotta, MD. LCSW-R, who also founded the Neighborhood Counseling Center, Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Pallotta recognized that medical care was fragmented and saw the essential connection between physical and emotional health. She believes that it is vital to nurture physical and emotional health for all members of the family. This belief has lead BCS Group to be one of the most successful and meaningful Mental Health Care Practices in New York State.

Today, BCS Group has grown to become pioneers in Online Counseling, giving us the ability to reach more people in need across New York State. We are dedicated to continuing our commitment to provide professional, compassionate and reliable mental health care in all the communities that we serve.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.