BCS Leadership Team

Founder + CEO: Nikki Pallotta
COO: Nicole Montesani

Nicoletta Pallotta, MD, LCSW-R

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

With decades of knowledge and continuing hands on experience of women’s mental health care, coupled with commitment, passion and dedication to women’s needs, Dr. Pallotta is distinguished as a true visionary of women’s mental health care.

“As a team, we are committed to providing mental health services in a private, comfortable and confidential environment. I work closely with all of our Counselors on a regular basis to ensure our patient care is both comprehensive and flawless.”

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Nicole Montesani

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole has been head of Operations for BCS Group since 2004.

She is a leading force in the ongoing growth of the BCS Group and the Online Counseling programs that has allowed BCS to exist, grow and become one of the most successful, privately owned, mental health care practices in New York State.

With a background in Finance in the mental health care industry, her knowledge, expertise and her dedication to helping people, has helped make the BCS Group the chosen solution for mental health care for all.

Director of Finance: Stephanie Politano

Director of Billing: Edgar Santos

Director of Patient Accounts: Rose Lucarelli

Senior Clinical Supervisors:
Sharon Kourt, LCSW-R
Samantha Otero, LMSW
Tracey O’Connell Summerville, LCSW
Zoe Malkin, LCSW
Bethanie Hatfield-Pacheco, LCSW
Rachel Manes, LCSW