Join our Team!

We are hiring experienced, qualified Therapists licensed in New York State

There are currently no intern positions available. Limited permits need not apply.

1. Therapists:

  • LMSW / LCSW or equivalent
  • BCS supports therapists earning their hours towards the LCSW
  • We provide a full schedule of clients by the start date
  • Weekly individual supervision
  • Weekly peer supervision
  • Supervisor opportunities of therapists after LCSW is earned
  • Supervision towards the LCSW-R
  • Medical insurance contribution
  • Pays using the W2

2. Support Group Therapists

We are hiring experienced, qualified Therapists Licensed in New York State to facilitate our ‘Online Support Groups’:

  • LMSW / LCSW or equivalent
  • You decide what Groups you’d like to facilitate / approved by CEO
  • All groups are remote, on secure Zoom Platform
  • Max 10 clients per group
  • Groups are weekly / 8 – 12 weeks
  • All groups are 45 – 60 minutes in duration

Contact us via form with your resumé.