How To Prepare For your Online Therapy


You may be feeling a bit anxious about your first online therapy session, but there’s no secret step-by-step guide to this process, and it’s also okay if you aren’t fully clear on your goals or what you’re hoping to get from the experience, that can all be part of the process.

Online Counseling appointments are confidential, therefore, the use of a private computer, tablet or smartphone in a quiet environment is strongly encouraged.

Be prepared:

  1. Be ontime, may be aim to be all set up 5 minutes before your start time, incase you forgot something.
  2. Be dressed appropriately in comfortable clothing, but remember, you are entering your therapists virtual place of work, so pajamas or revealing outfits may not be appreciated.
  3. Having a glass of water or a cup of coffee is a good idea, but alcohol or smoking may appear disrespectful.
  4. Furbabies are always welcome to join, as long as they don’t draw your attention away from the connection with your therapist.
  5. Please do not answer phone calls, text or surf the web during the appointment,unless something urgent is occuring.
  6. You are encouraged to speak openly and honestly, the online space is private and secure. it is important you feel emotionally safe, heard and cared for.
  7. Remember, if something feels  a bit off during your session, feel empowered to speak up about it. If you are not comfortable bringing it up with your therapist, contact us on 718 232 8600 or email

Your Therapist:

  1. Your Therapist will endeavor to be on time, but sometimes through unforeseen circumstances, they may be a little late to join, please give them a few minutes grace before you leave the session.
  2. Your Therapist will be dressed appropriately and be professional at all times.
  3. Your Therapist will not answer phone calls, text or surf the web during the appointment.
  4. Your Therapist will be respectful when communicating with you at all times.
  5. Your Therapist reserves the right to end a video session if a client engages in behavior deemed inappropriate, offensive and/or discriminatory.

If there is a concern around your therapists approach, actions or focus of care, please mention it. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing this up in your session, reach out to our team on 718 232 8600 or email to address your concerns.

In Conclusion:

We are here to help you. Give yourself time to embrace this addition to your self-care schedule. Everyone experiences therapy differently, and with time and effort, you will reap the emotional benefits therapy will give you.



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