Becoming a father can negatively impact a man’s mental health


Many men who become new dads feel isolated, they also feel they lose friends during this time period.

For both men and women, there are several different ways first-time parenthood can impact your physical and psychological health. For new fathers this may include everything from exercising less to gaining weight, and indulging in unhealthy eating and drinking habits.

It can be really energized becoming a dad, however, there will be emotional and practical challenges, and there may be a struggle to find information or support. Men can definitely experience some symptoms of postpartum depression, but as it is either unusual, or not talked about in the mainstream, it is difficult to navigate and difficult to find help and resources. Sleep deprivation, increased financial responsibility, strain on your personal relationships and the needs of your child are just some of your new potential sources of stress and anxiety as a new parent. “A lot of life changes very quickly,” fathers need exposure to these changes and the best ways to handle them, long before the baby arrives in order to be better prepared.
Men need to realise they should also can reach out for help, and these feelings are not forever.

If you need help: