Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, love is the topic of the moment.

When we think about love, we generally think in terms of who loves us and whom we love, both of which refer to others. What if Valentine’s Day were really about falling in love with ourselves? Cherishing ourselves?

No matter what relationship you are in, if you don’t know how to appreciate yourself then you don’t know what would make you happy and whole. Some women feel if they don’t have a date, someone to buy them roses or chocolate that they are not worth it.

Last year I was alone for Valentine’s Day and it was an eye opening experience. I realized that loving myself was a difficult lesson to learn. I started to write in my journal. If I met the perfect man, what would I want from him on this day? I initially didn’t know what I would give myself. I continued to struggle and my thoughts started to flow. I decided I would pamper myself with a spa day an get a massage, manicure, pedicure and perhaps even go see that movie I have been wanting to see for some time. So that is what I did. It was the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Let loving yourself remain constant in your life. Use today to implement that and start the path of self love. Even if you have a partner, make just as much time for yourself as you are willing to make for your significant other. Break out your journal, some candles and let yourself relax and write. Take a bubble bath, treat yourself to a home spa day, indulge in that massage you have wanted, or eat in that restaurant that you have been eyeing for weeks….

You deserve it and you deserve to be loved!