Group Therapy

Our Online Support Groups provide an atmosphere conducive to sharing your concerns with others whose lives are impacted by similar issues and environments as yourself.

BCS Group Therapy not only provide a space for sharing feedback and support, but also allow participants to gain multiple perspectives and learn new relationship behaviors, often leading to enhanced personal growth.

The focus is to create a therapeutic space for emotional exploration, validation, encouragement and mutual understanding.

Group Therapy helps individuals develop communication and socialization skills, and allows them to learn how to express themselves and accept constructive input from others. This group format of therapy allows individuals to develop self-awareness through discussion with others who have experienced similar issues.

BCS Group Therapy is facilitated by one Therapist who leads a group of between 6 -12 participants. Groups meet for 60 minutes each week at the same time. Some people attend individual therapy in addition to groups, while others participate in groups only. both are acceptable and beneficial to the individual.